Programmer's Guide


The Keystore package provides operations to store information in secure wallets and protect the stored information by encrypting the content. It is necessary to know one of the wallet password to access its content. Wallets are protected by a master key using AES-256 and the wallet master key is protected by a user password. The wallet defines up to 7 slots that identify a password key that is able to unlock the master key. To open a wallet, it is necessary to unlock one of the 7 slots by providing the correct password. Wallet key slots are protected by the user's password and the PBKDF2-HMAC-256 algorithm, a random salt, a random counter and they are encrypted using AES-256.


To create a keystore you will first declare a Wallet_File instance. You will also need a password that will be used to protect the wallet master key.

with Keystore.Files;
  WS   : Keystore.Files.Wallet_File;
  Pass : Keystore.Secret_Key := Keystore.Create ("There was no choice but to be pioneers");

You can then create the keystore file by using the Create operation:

  WS.Create ("secure.akt", Pass);


Values stored in the wallet are protected by their own encryption keys using AES-256. The encryption key is generated when the value is added to the wallet by using the Add operation.

  WS.Add ("Grace Hopper", "If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it.");

The Get function allows to retrieve the value. The value is decrypted only when the Get operation is called.

  Citation : constant String := WS.Get ("Grace Hopper");

The Delete procedure can be used to remove the value. When the value is removed, the encryption key and the data are erased.

  WS.Delete ("Grace Hopper");