Ada Keystore is a library and tool to store information in secure wallets and protect the stored information by encrypting the content. It is necessary to know one of the wallet password to access its content. Ada Keystore can be used to safely store passwords, credentials, bank accounts and even documents.

Wallets are protected by a master key using AES-256 and the wallet master key is protected by a user password. The wallet defines up to 7 slots that identify a password key that is able to unlock the master key. To open a wallet, it is necessary to unlock one of these 7 slots by providing the correct password. Wallet key slots are protected by the user's password and the PBKDF2-HMAC-256 algorithm, a random salt, a random counter and they are encrypted using AES-256.

Values stored in the wallet are protected by their own encryption keys using AES-256. A wallet can contain another wallet which is then protected by its own encryption keys and passwords (with 7 independent slots). Because the child wallet has its own master key, it is necessary to known the primary password and the child password to unlock the parent wallet first and then the child wallet.

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The data is organized in 4K blocks whose primary content is encrypted either by the wallet master key or by the entry keys. The data block is signed by using HMAC-256. A data block can contain several values but each of them is protected by its own encryption key. Each value is also signed using HMAC-256.

The keystore uses several encryption keys at different levels to protect the content. A document stored in the keystore is split in data fragment and each data fragment is encrypted by using its own key. The data fragments are stored in specific data blocks so that they are physically separated from the encryption keys.

The data fragment encryption keys are stored in the directory blocks and they are encrypted by using a specific key.

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This document describes how to build the tool and library and how you can use the different features to protect your sensitive data.