Using Ada Keystore Tool

The akt tool is the command line tool that manages the wallet. It provides the following commands:

  • create: create the keystore
  • edit: edit the value with an external editor
  • get: get a value from the keystore
  • help: print some help
  • list: list values of the keystore
  • remove: remove values from the keystore
  • set: insert or update a value in the keystore

To create the secure file, use the following command and enter your secure password (it is recommended to use a long and complex password):

   akt create secure.akt

At this step, the secure file is created and it can only be opened by providing the password you entered. To add something, use:

   akt set secure.akt bank.password 012345

To store a file, use the following command:

   akt store secure.akt contract.doc

If you want to retrieve a value, you can use one of:

   akt get secure.akt bank.password
   akt extract secure.akt contract.doc

You can also use the akt command together with the tar command to create secure backups. You can create the compressed tar file, pipe the result to the akt command to store the content in the wallet.

   tar czf - dir-to-backup | akt store secure.akt -- backup.tar.gz

To extract the backup you can use the extract command and feed the result to the tar command as follows:

   akt extract secure.akt -- backup.tar.gz | tar xzf -